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La possibilità di donare al progetto direttamente da é stata implementata. Ricordo però a tutti che non esisterà mai una versione “premium” della VN.

The possibility of donating to the project directly from was implemented. But I remind that there will never be a “premium” release of the VN.

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not trying to sound pessimistic or anything but saying there will never be premium release of the project is kind of closing up your opportunities isn't it ? I mean most peoples would understand if you wanted to implement early access for patreons. It is noble of you to try and make it complitely free but if you happen to be in need of money for anything regarding the game or not (like hirering a compositer for exemple) being free to open eerly access builds would be great  for you and the game i think. ^^

Thanks for your opinion. We decided to keep it free, because we're doing the VN for passion. If someone wants to help by supporting us, it's appreciated. ^w^